Discover Megan's Journey from Musician to Writer

Welcome to Megan Freedman's website, where the harmonious blend of musicianship and narrative comes to life. Immerse yourself in Megan's creative spirit as she shares both her work as an award-winning musician and her versatility as a writer and researcher. Journey into her heartfelt songs, soulful poetry, and funky short stories before diving into her journalistic endeavors. With research interests in literature, arts, culture, and history, storytelling is at the center of all Megan creates.

Discover the Power of Music and Words with Megan Freedman

Immerse yourself in Megan Freedman's captivating blend of music and writing. Experience the soulful melodies of her award-winning songs like "Roots & Wings" and "King of Hearts," while exploring her diverse portfolio of creative, journalistic, and academic writing. Uncover the beauty of her artistic evolution and be inspired by her unique perspective on life and creativity.