January 19, 2018

Great Article Written about 'Lift You Up' ~ MUSIC VIDEO FEATURES WOODBRIDGE HS

Published on
11 Jan 2022

Emerging sunlight peeks from behind the temporary clouds and retreating chill of a Southern California morning.

A guitar strums thoughtfully in the background, swelling into focus as nondescript joggers hustle by the high school campus behind them. Color guard members pull on well-worn gloves and pick up freshly-taped equipment. They move gracefully over the grass in soft dresses and crisp dress shirts. As the music builds, the progression of preparation into practice feels familiar.

These are the opening shots of Megan Freedman’s new music video, “Lift You Up.” For anyone who has been involved in the color guard activity, the depiction of pulling on one’s gloves and taking the first tosses of the morning will feel comfortable and familiar; for the general audience, this will be a new viewing experience.

This is what drew Megan Freedman, an alumna of Woodbridge High School’s Color Guard, to feature the current WHS Color Guard in her work.Read The Full Article Here - http://www.wgi.org/woodbridge-hs/