January 18, 2018

In The Studio

Published on
11 Jan 2022

Being in the studio is unlike anything else. It is stressful, crazy, and it can take a lot out of you but it is so rewarding.

When I went into the studio to record my new single Lift You Up we had nothing but an acoustic rhythm, a vocal demo, and a group of strangers that knew almost nothing about my song or me. We had only a few days to completely create a track from almost scratch that represented who I am as an artist. And we sure as hell pulled it off.

Because of my producer, engineer, and my AMAZING team of musicians we were able to bring to life exactly what I had imagined this song would be and that was even before it went down to my homeland of L.A. to be mixed and mastered by a couple of music’s greats.This experience was incredible. Even though I was extremely stressed out like 89% of the time, I walked out of it completely happy with what we accomplished. I can’t wait to share Lift You Up with everyone!