March 2, 2021

'Perfect' video wins big

Published on
11 Jan 2022

A locally shot music video, featuring the historic Lindon House, has just won bronze at the Global Music Awards.

“I wrote the song probably about a year ago. I got this idea and it was kind of me coping with past trauma from bullying, from when I was a teenager,” explains singer Megan Freedman.

“Its a positive message about not listening to people's negativity. I was severely bullied as a teenager and it made me quite angry. As an adult I’ve been able to come out of it and I just want people to feel positive about themselves.”

Freedman and video producer Carey Missler came up with the idea to film the video Perfect at the Lindon House because of its Victorian and glamorous look. The video was shot in August 2020 and filming it during the COVID-19 pandemic posed some challenges.

“Because it was COVID we obviously had to limit our film crew, actors and everything. We kept the place sanitized so we really shot the music video within a few hours and we finished editing it in November,” says Missler.

After the video was complete, Missler submitted it to various film festivals.